3.5 days to restore and temporarily leave behind daily distractions to allow deep relaxation and inner change to occur.

9th - 12th March 2023 
Ghasri, Gozo

What can you expect?
Yoga & Meditation al fresco
We start every day with a gentle yoga and meditation class outside, breathing in the fresh Gozitan air and enjoying the morning rays. We ease tension in the body with movement and connect to the peace within through meditation
Rituals to de-stress
We bring a touch of self care into all our retreats. We hold special activities in nature and this time our venue includes a heated jacuzzi, and also access to a sauna and mini-gym. 
Inspirational Workshops
The Tea ceremony is one of our favourites, but we also hold workshops on; Breathwork, Creativity, Meditation, Conscious Business, Yoga and Meditation Philosophy and more...
Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th

Everything in between will be a surprise 
but you can expect 
mornings full of yoga, meditation and tea ceremonies. 
Delicious vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 
And afternoons of workshops and activities out in nature 

Yasmin has been teaching yoga for the past 10 years and is a serial retreater herself. Every year she spends a week or two doing an intense 5 hour per day meditation practice in Bali, Indonesia. She is an entrepreneur (founder of Sanya) who builds businesses based on community, love and self-development, a skill which has been born through her own journey of self-discovery. A journey that has taken her around the world from Peru to Bali, through experiences in ashrams and shamanic jungle lodges, learning many different tools and techniques to guide us into deeper levels of authenticity and engagement with life.
This retreat was the perfect break from my daily life and family routine. I feel blessed to have experienced these deeply moving connections among the group and shared precious moments of healing laughters and tears.
After these 3 days, I feel at peace, refreshed and energized, ready to face life with more serenity and with more faith in myself and in the universe. 

Thank you for everything, as always 💕✨

 This retreat was an amazing, learning, inspiring, therapeutic experience, one i would recommend to anyone. Besides the moments of fun, laughter sharing and release , and hearing some of the best simple advice, I left revived. In this crazy world we live in,  I saw the importance of just taking quiet time to just be and came back feeling happy, positive and just wanting to be a better person all round.

Well done and keep up the great work. I admire you all. Heartfelt thanks.

It was a super wake up call for me, a new possibility in life which I'd like to explore further. Everything was organised with love and passion. The food was amazing, the serene atmosphere, the location, the people. I feel blessed 🙏🏻 to have had this opportunity, to be given tools to cope with this stressful life we live in. I feel that this is now my start to a long journey and I believe I can make it as in the retreat I got a clearer idea that we can be better prepared to face our feelings and be at peace within ourselves. Knowing that there is this new possibility, created a sense of security in me. Looking forward to learning and accepting more about myself, life, and others. ❤️❤️❤️

more from our past participants
Every person who has come on our retreats is a part of our #gowithin family

If you're ready to go within, release your stress
 and have some laughs with like-minded souls...

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